Movie Review – Iron Man 3


A fearful looking Iron Man

I’m annoyed at myself for getting excited at various parts in this film. All things considered it’s a poor take on the Iron Man series but you can still easily be seduced when watching this Avenger’s wittily commentated action scenes. The whole experience is something like a meal from Mcdonalds; walking past the window you’re drawn in by the provocative pictures and what you get for your money is fast and comes with the exact list of extras you’d expect. Only ten minutes later you start to feel like you should have chosen something more substantial.

It seems like quite a departure from the other Iron Man and Avenger movies and the film’s creators haven’t stayed true to the source material. Tony Stark, by nature is bursting with confidence and self worth. This is usually shown with his well timed sarcastic comments throughout the series of films and with Downey Jnr delivering them so well, it’s helped make the films so popular. So what confuses me is that it seems so obviously unnatural for Stark to begin suffering from debilitating panic attacks. The ‘hero has to overcome his demons’ idea has been passed from Bond, in ‘Skyfall’, to Tony Stark, and in each case it’s completely out of character. In the same way Bond shouldn’t start feeling sorry for himself and forget to bed women, Tony Stark should remain full of himself and ready to battle at all times.

On the other side of the war, Mandarin, who poses in the film’s trailers as a seriously intimidating antagonist, is hugely underwhelming – especially if, like me, you’ve seen numerous Marvel comics and cartoons and expected one of the Marvel universe’s most infamous villains to cause mayhem. To say any more may spoil it, but you shouldn’t expect much from him. Inconsistency is also an issue in that the essential iron suits seem so easily broken and torn to pieces at times, to create a sense of danger, but then when the plot suits they’re almost indestructible.

CGI suits and explosions are what this film is all about and the final fight scene has no shortage. It’s action on top of action and any fan of the iron-clad genius won’t help but to get excited at the sight of Stark’s next gadget or inventive way of using the arsenal.

In keeping with the rest of the film the ending seems questionable too, but it’s safe to guess it has no real meaning and is just a dramatic way to close the show. This is one of those films you have to watch as ‘it’s the latest Iron Man film’ and you’ll probably enjoy it, just have a more substantial movie to consume nearby.

5/10 You’ll enjoy it, then soon forget about it.

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